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Winter sports in The Hague

Enjoying the cold

27 December 2010
09 May 2014

The Hague doesn't usually spring right to mind when you're thinking about winter sports. But despite its lack of mountains and really cold winters, the Netherlands is beginning to offer more and more in terms of winter sports. And surprisingly The Hague itself has a great deal to offer!

Natural ice rink in Zuiderpark


In The Hague you can find one of the country's 400-metre skating tracks at De Uithof. De Uithof is mainly used for recreational purposes, but skating and ice hockey clubs also use the facilities and national competitions are held there.

If it's cold enough outside for natural ice to form, the Dutch all go nuts and grab their skates. You can join thousands of other skating fanatics outdoors in Zuiderpark and at the fomer Ockenburgh youth hostel along with numerous other canals and ponds in the city. If it's not cold enough for real natural ice, you can often find artificial ice rinks in the city. At Christmas time you can find an ice rink on the Kurhausplein in Scheveningen (Coolhaus) as well as an outdoor skating rink for children in Kijkduin.

At De Uithof skating center skating lessons are offered for all ages for beginners as well as advanced skaters.

Short track speed skating

This form of competitive ice speed skating is practiced by the club HVHW in Westland. They also offer trial lessons.

Figure skating/Ice dancing

There are a number of figure skating and ice dancing clubs in The Hague. Click here for more information.

Skiing and snowboarding

In De Uithof you will find an indoor snow slope. The slope is 211 metres long: a challenge for both beginners and advanced skiers. Indoor skiing and snowboarding on real snow! De Uithof boasts four lifts: two draglifts (reaching the top of the slope) and two carpet lifts for children. If you don't have your own equipment, no problem. You can rent everything you need at De Uithof. The centre organises lessons for people who'd like to enjoy their first skiing experience.

With Indoorski Discovery The Hague has a real ski, snowboarding and skating school. Indoorski Discovery helps people get prepared for their winter sport holiday. The school has its own indoor rolling slopes.

Ice hockey

The Hague has a leading ice hockey club called HIJS HOKIJ Wolves. Anyone with an interest in ice hockey is welcome at this cool club. There is something for people of all ages at the Wolves.

Other winter sports

Naturally there are all kinds of other winter sports. In Zoetermeer you can find a curling sheet and The Hague even has a cross country skiing club. Close to the centre of The Hague is the 12-metre high Bever ice wall, which is suitable for climbing at temperatures between -10° and -20°.

For an overview of other winter sports, check out Den Haag op de Kaart. This provides a listing of all the sports facilities in The Hague. Make sure that all the boxes are unchecked in the left-hand list. Next check the sport or type of facility you are looking for. Or you can enter the Dutch term in the search engine.

27 December 2010
09 May 2014

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