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Totzo! bike tour of The Hague

03 July 2012
04 June 2014

Why do tourists always flock to sites that matter little to the locals? Discover The Hague as the locals know it! Totzo! organises fixed and tailor-made bicycle tours and excursions in and around The Hague.

Totzo! on Noordeinde

Most tours are fixed programmes that you have to sit through passively and you only learn a bit about the city from a limited perspective. Totzo! lets you experience what ‘Hagenaars’ and ‘Hagenezen’ (the citizens of The Hague) love so much about their city and what they are really proud of.

The cycling tours take you past famous places, like the political Binnenhof, the Peace Palace and the public gardens of Noordeinde Palace. The guide will also tell you all about the city's famous buildings, the royal family, the 'hidden' courtyards and the best cup of coffee in town.

Different interests - different tours

Why settle for one view on the city? Totzo! offers a number of tours built around a different theme featuring a different aspect of our multifaceted city. You can also arrange a custom-made tour for your group outing.

  • The Hague Tour: this tour is all about The Hague’s grand history and its role in the Netherlands today. It will lead you through neighbourhoods and past sites riddled with moving stories, funny anecdotes, popular myths and hard facts.
  • ‘The Hague - Beat City number 1’: In 1962 The Hague was home to over 2,000 bands, which produced a number of worldwide hits. This tour tells the tale of the music and the scene during the city’s roaring 1960s. The title ‘The Hague - Beat City number 1’ dates from that era and it is still very valid today.
  • Art and Architecture Tour: See The Hague’s important works of art and architectural highlights. Discover which artists blossomed in The Hague in past times and which upcoming new artists are moving the scene today.
  • Sea, Dunes and Woodlands Tour: This tour is about the relation between the city and the natural environment it is set in. Learn about the city’s ‘green rules’ drawn up by King Willem II. Hear the real fishermen's stories of Scheveningen. And what does ‘Zuiderpark’ have to do with the rest of the world?

Address & contact

Totzo! bike tours and excursions
Noordeinde 59
2514 GC The Hague

Telephone: +31 70 326 57 90

Totzo bikes by windmill
03 July 2012
04 June 2014

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