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The OV-chipcard

Paying for public transportation

Published: 24 January 2011 Modified: 18 November 2013

The OV-chipcard is now the most common system of paying for trams and buses throughout the Netherlands.

OV chipkaart

What is it?

The OV-chipcard is becoming the standard payment method for the public transport system in the Netherlands. The smart card is the size of a bank card and contains an invisible chip.

The OV-chipcard is a prepaid card which you can use to travel anywhere within the Netherlands by train, metro, bus and tram. You can also use it to purchase a travel product such as a one-way journey or a season ticket.

How does it work?

Journey costs are per kilometre. Simply ensure your euro total has enough to see you to the end of your journey or has a valid travel product.

Card readers will be at the stops, the stations or on the transport itself: hold your card to the reader as you board to check in, and again as you leave to check out, and the journey cost or product will be deducted and you'll see your current total.

In The Hague

In addition to the OV-chipcard, you can still use a (paper) season ticket or HTM day tickets like the 24-hour day ticket. Passengers can also purchase tickets from the bus or tram driver.

Read more on the website of the OV-chipcard.

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