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The European Union

Published: 05 August 2009 Modified: 22 April 2014

The Netherlands was one of the six co-founding members of the European Union (EU), which can trace its beginnings back to 1952. Now the EU consists of 27 member states including former Central and Eastern European nations. Candidate countries include Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.

The union of 27 different European countries has changed the face of politics at every level: international, national and even local. In harmonising the rules of trade between nations, for example, a great many changes must be implemented.

Growing pains

With this come the inevitable ‘growing pains’ associated with any major change, but the advantages extend well beyond the ease of commerce between nations. EU funding supports structural and economic development in many areas of Europe, including The Hague as a centre of international law and city of peace and justice.

The Hague is an integral part of the European Union, hosting a number of European organisations as well as international organisations, including the information centres for the European Union and the European Commission, as well as Europol and Eurojust.

International city

The city of The Hague enjoys an excellent reputation in Europe as an international city. Politicians, residents and civil servants are actively working towards this end. Through various network organisations The Hague aims to be involved in European policymaking.

The focal points for The Hague are:

  • Positioning the Randstad as an important European region.
  • Influencing European urban policy.
  • Integrating European laws and regulations into policymaking for The Hague.

For more information about the European Union in all the official languages of the EU, visit the Europa server.

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