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Swimming pool activities

20 January 2011
09 May 2014

A list of activities most frequently organised in The Hague's municipal pools (in Dutch with their English equivalents).

Translation of terms

Translation of terms
Dutch English
Aquajoggen Aqua jogging
Aquarobic Aquarobics
Aquaspinning Aqua spinning
Banentrekken - Banenzwemmen Lane swimming
Dameszwemmen Swimming for women only
Discozwemmen Swimming to disco music (during the school holidays)
Fifty Fit Swimming pool keep-fit class for seniors
Gezinszwemmen Family swimming
Medisch zwemmen Therapeutic swimming
Naturistisch zwemmen Nude swimming
Ouder- en kindzwemmen Parent and child swimming (6 months to 3 years)
Recreatief zwemmen / Vrij zwemmen Recreational swimming
Seniorenzwemmen - 55+ zwemmen - Fit en Vitaal Swimming for senior citizens - 55+ swimming - Fit and Vital
Sinbadzwemmen Swimming for mothers and small children
Teddybeerzwemmen Teddy Bear swimming lessons for infants
Trimles in het Zwembad Swimming pool keep-fit classes
Zwangerschapszwemmen Swimming for pregnant women
Vrij zwemmen / Recreatief zwemmen Recreational swimming
Vroege vogelzwemmen Early morning swimming
Zwem ABC Diploma swimming (ABC)
Zwemles Swimming lessons
Zwemlessen voor jeugd - kinderzwemlessen Swimming lessons for children 6 to 16 years
Zwemlessen voor kleuters Swimming lessons for children 3 to 6 years
Zwemlessen voor volwassenen Swimming lessons for adults

Key to pool types

Key to pool types
I = learners' pool
R = recreational pool (slide, wild water creek, outdoor pool section)
W = Olympic-sized pool (lane swimming permitted in this pool only)


20 January 2011
09 May 2014

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