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P+R Ypenburg officially open

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Published: 30 August 2012 Modified: 18 November 2013

The P+R ('Park & Ride') facility at the Ypenburg train station was officially opened at the end of August 2012.

This new car park has 225 parking spots. The first 75 parking spots were ready at the end of June. Over the coming period the municipality will also place bicycle stands for 320 bikes, 40 covered bicycle storage containers and 8 spaces for mopeds.

A P+R facility provides a good link between the car and public transportation. In practice it is mainly commuters who use a Park & Ride. They take the car or ride their bike to the station and then continue their journey on public transportation. The P+R at the Ypenburg train station is primarily meant to enable travel between the Ypenburg train station and The Hague’s Central Station or Zoetermeer and Utrecht.

P+R Hoornwijck

The Hague also has another P+R facility in Ypenburg with a direct connection to the Binnenstad Express (Tram 15) and the Beach Express (Tram 5).

Go to P+R Hoornwijck for more information.

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