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Published: 09 February 2012 Modified: 23 April 2012

The night trains (nachtnet) operate every night in the Randstad.

The night trains run from Rotterdam, through Delft, The Hague, Leiden, Schiphol and Amsterdam to Utrecht and back.

In the nights from Thursday through Saturday, trains depart to Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven. During these nights, there is also a direct connection between Rotterdam and Utrecht. All night trains depart once an hour.

Night trains through Hollands Spoor

In The Hague, the night trains stop at Hollands Spoor station. You can buy a ticket from the automated ticket dispenser or at the ticket windows. A ticket for the night train costs the same as a day ticket.

Visit the website of the NS for the timetables of the night trains.

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