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Kijkduin all year round

Published: 26 April 2011 Modified: 02 May 2011

Think of Kijkduin and you think of tranquillity, friendliness and great natural beauty.

The quiet seaside resort of Kijkduin is surrounded by an expansive and rural dune range bordering a wide sandy beach stretching for many kilometres and is just 15 minutes away from The Hague’s city centre.

Visitors to Kijkduin boulevard will be charmed by the many inviting pavement cafes and restaurants and indoor shopping centre. And in the summer you’ll enjoy a front-row view of the sea from one of the many beach pavilions along the coast.

Endless walks along the beach, a drink at one of the cafes along the recently refurbished boulevard, dinner at one of the restaurants or a bicycle trip through the dunes - Kijkduin is the right address all year round.

Kijkduin also offers a host of accommodation, from dune chalets, holiday homes and campsites to four-star hotels. Moreover, during the high season Kijkduin provides a lively entertainment programme with activities and events for young and old.

For natural beauty, relaxation and friendliness: Kijkduin has something for everyone.

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