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International Mental Health Services

Part of the Parnassia Group

31 March 2014
13 June 2014

International Mental Health Services (IMHS) is a collaborative initiative of PsyQ and Brijder (both part of the Parnassia Group).

Helping hands

PsyQ is the largest outpatient mental health organisation in the Netherlands to offer psychiatric help to people who are depressed, anxious or suffering from other psychological and psychiatric disorders. Brijder is the largest and most specialised centre for addiction and substance abuse in the Netherlands.

The IMHS opened its doors in January 2013.

Expert team

The expert medical team of doctors and therapists is led by a psychiatrist / medical director. It has an international multilingual team of staff and is a truly international mental health centre.

The team of doctors and counselors is trained in the treatment of those problems internationals most often encounter. In addition to English they speak other languages including German, French, Spanish and Dutch. If necessary, other languages areas are available.

All staff members are personally familiar with the expatriate experience and officially registered professionals.


Parnassia requires a referral from your GP or medical specialist. All information is strictly confidential.

PsyQ IMHS The Hague

Carel Reinierszkade 197
2593 HR The Hague
Telephone: 06 52 56 83 82

31 March 2014
13 June 2014

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