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How do you report crime?

Published: 22 April 2013 Modified: 24 January 2014

In the case of a life-threatening situation or if you have seen something suspicious, call the national emergency number 1-1-2. Otherwise contact the police on tel. 0900 - 8844.

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File a police report

If you have fallen victim to a crime, it always makes sense to file a police report. Stolen items which are refound can then be returned to their rightful owner if a report is on file. The police can also use crime data to set up more targeted effort and to warn area residents. Be as detailed and specific as possible in your police report.

Reporting crime

For less serious criminal offences you can use the police department's online crime reporting programme:

For more serious crimes, contact the police on tel. 0900 - 8844 or go to the nearest police bureau.

In the case of a life-threatening situation or if you have caught a person in the act of committing a crime, call the national emergency number: 1-1-2.

Report crime anonymously

Have you been a witness to a crime, but would you rather remain anonymous because you know the perpetrator or you're afraid of reprisal? Call the toll-free number 0800 70 00 (from abroad +31 800 70 00). For more information visit the website of Meld Misdaad Anoniem.

More info

You can visit the website of the Police for more information about the structure of the national police force and the ten regional police units in the Netherlands. You can contact the police from abroad. You can use the website to enter your postal code in order to find the closest police bureau and to read about local news and projects in your neighbourhood.

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