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Emergency assistance

10 November 2014
16 June 2016

Are you in need of emergency assistance? Here is an overview of all the various services which provide emergency assistance, such as pharmacies, general practitioners and dentists.

1-1-2 Emergency Assistance

Emergency number 112 (ambulance, police, fire brigade)

Call 112 for urgent assistance in life-threatening situations or if you witness a crime. For example, to report a road accident, a fire or an intruder. In such situations, every second counts. The non-emergency number for the Police is tel: 0900 88 44.

Hospitals in The Hague

The Hague region has seven general hospitals which fall under four umbrella organisations. Each hospital has an Emergency Room which is open 24 hours a day. You will find more information under Hospitals and clinics.

Treatment outside office hours (SMASH)

SMASH provides emergency GP care outside of office hours. You can contact the service every day between 17.00 hours and 8.00 hours as well as in the weekend and on all public holidays.
Telephone: (070) 346 96 69

Dental emergencies

A number of dentists in The Hague and surroundings offer emergency dental services in the evenings and weekend.
Telephone: (070) 311 03 05

After-hours pharmacies

Is your pharmacy closed? Various pharmacies in The Hague and surroundings offer emergency assistance in filling prescriptions after closing hours and in the weekend.
Central telephone number: (070) 345 10 00


A number of helplines provide information and advice on (mental) health and other issues and sometimes can just lend a sympathetic ear. More information can be found under
Telefoonnummers sociale hulpdiensten Den Haag
(in Dutch).

Bureau Jeugdzorg Haaglanden

You can reach the Bureau Jeugdzorg Haaglanden in the weekend and after office hours in the event of a crisis with your child or adolescent.
Telephone: (070) 379 51 60
You can also report child abuse by calling tel. 0900 123 12 30.

Animal emergencies

Other important numbers

Emergency sirens

On the first Monday of each month at 12.00 noon emergency sirens are tested. Do not be alarmed. In the event of a real emergency, turn on your television or radio to a local station for further information. For general information about what to do in case of an emergency, visit the website.

10 November 2014
16 June 2016

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