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Clothing and shoes


Published: 14 February 2011 Modified: 02 January 2014

Textiles and shoes should not be disposed of in the normal household rubbish, but in the textile bins. Separately collected textiles will be reused for various purposes depending upon whether they are wearable or non wearable.

Clothing which is still wearable will be sold to companies which will then ship it to poor countries. Other (large) pieces of fabric, such as curtains, will be turned into cleaning rags. A portion of the non wearable textiles enter a high tech process of pulping and recycling, generating fibres from which new yarns can be made to make products such as jeans, relief blankets or insulation materials and even tabletops, doors and new collection bins for garments.

What are (old) textiles?

  • clothing or clothing fragments
  • other textiles such as curtains, towels, bed sheets, blankets and duvets.


Shoes can also be recycled. Shoes which can still be worn will be passed on to a charity or thrift shop (kringloopwinkel) or sent to developing countries. Shoes which can no longer be worn or repaired will be used to make soundproofing and insulating material. You can deposit your shoes in the textile bins. Please make sure they are in pairs and wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.

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