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Cinemas in The Hague

Published: 02 September 2009 Modified: 10 December 2012

Want to go to the movies? Just choose one of the many cinemas in The Hague and Scheveningen.

Cinema in The Hague (Pathé Buitenhof)

Most of the cinemas have films for people of all ages and all films can be viewed in their original language, apart from some children's movies.

If you like artistic films, you'll love Filmhuis Den Haag. Of course, the Omniversum makes a special treat for the whole family with films about nature and science projected on a very large circular IMAX screen, as if you are participating in the film yourself. Most films at the Omniversum are in Dutch.

The three Pathé cinemas (bioscopen) mainly show commercial films and Hollywood blockbusters although Pathé Buitenhof regularly shows live opera performances, theatre performances and pop concerts and is often the venue for film premieres in the Netherlands. The three Pathé cinemas have 23 screens between them.

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