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Agreement reached on Rotterdamsebaan

Longer tunnel under Vlietzone

Published: 04 April 2012 Modified: 24 August 2012

The municipal governments of The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk have reached an agreement on a new preferred plan for the Rotterdamsebaan. The draft design calls for the tunnel to be 300 metres longer and to go under the Vlietzone.

Last year discussions between the three municipalities stalled due to a difference in opinion on how the new Rotterdamsebaan would fit in the Vlietzone. The new variant extends the tunnel for the Rotterdamsebaan by 300 metres. The opening of the tunnel will be placed as closely as possible to the Ypenburg interchange. The new design also keeps the Leeuwenbergh Golf Course intact.

The longer tunnel will also make it unnecessary to build a costly bicycle bridge to connect the Trekfietstracé to the Rotterdamsebaan.

The alternative design, the so-called ‘+300 variant’ will cost € 15 million to € 20 million more than the previous design. The national government, City Region of Haaglanden (Stadsgewest Haaglanden) and the Municipality of The Hague are still holding talks on financing the Rotterdamsebaan.

The Rotterdamsebaan will become a new access road between the A13/A4 and the Binckhorst, leading drivers quickly from the motorway to The Hague's city centre.

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