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Badminton clubs

Published: 01 December 2011 Modified: 18 September 2013

While there are a number of badminton clubs in The Hague, two clubs in particular are quite international.


Adult Badminton Club

BSN Senior School
Jan van Hooflaan 3
2252 BG Voorschoten

All levels of badminton players all welcome to join the Adult Badminton Club of the British School of the Netherlands. They practice Thursday evenings at the BSN Senior School in Voorschoten.

BC Drop Shot

Sportpark Mariahoeve
Het Kleine Loo 12
2592 CE Den Haag

BC Drop Shot is the oldest Dutch badminton club for recreational players, juniors and seniors. The club offers youth training, recreational badminton, competition training for beginners and advanced players and league participation. Six days of badminton per week at Sportpark Mariahoeve with no summer break.

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