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Introducing The Hague

Haagse Hout (photo: Frank Jansen)

A brief history

Over the past 800 years The Hague has grown from a small hamlet to the international city of peace and justice.

a history of the hague

Society and culture

Haagse Markt

Multinational City

Today people from all over the world come to sample the atmosphere of the multinational city.


King Willem Alexander, Queen and Princess Máxima on the balcony of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam © ANP

Dutch Royalty

After three consecutive queens, King Willem Alexander is the first king of the Netherlands for over a century. He succeeded his mother, Princess Beatrix, who abdicated in his favour on 30 April 2013.

Special days

Queen's Day

Special days and Dutch holidays

While a number of public holidays still reflect the Christian roots of the country, some days are uniquely Dutch or unique to The Hague.