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International The Hague: facts and figures

19 April 2010
09 May 2014

Facts and figures about International The Hague compiled from the 2008 Decisio report and the Municipality of The Hague.

General facts and figures

  • Population of The Hague: 482,510 (Dutch natives: 249,834)
  • Culture: 30 theatres, 26 movie screens, 45 museums, 4,211 shops, 7 outdoor markets, 64 hotels, 490 restaurants and 363 cafes
  • Green city by the sea: 70,000 trees along the roads, 11 kilometres of coastline, 1/3 of The Hague is green, 1,200 pleasure boat moorings, 400 kilometres of bicycle paths

International The Hague

  • Number of international organisations: 160
  • Number of international businesses: 316 (responsible for 49,000 jobs)
  • Number of embassies and consulates: 107 (102 embassies and 13 consulates)

Economic impact of international organisations in The Hague region in 2007

  • Total employment related to international organisations was about 28,000 jobs: 14,000 jobs at the organisations themselves; about 14,000 indirect jobs due to expenditures by the international organisations and their employees.
  • These 28,000 jobs account for about 6.4% of The Hague’s employment and 4.3% of the region’s employment1.
  • Share of foreign employees at international organisations (about 10,200) of the total jobs generated by international organisations is about 36%.
  • The proportion of the total added value in the Gross Product related to international organisations is 6.4% in The Hague and 3.9% in the region.

Direct employment at international organisations in The Hague region

  • Of the 14,000 direct international jobs, European international organisations were responsible for 40% of this direct employment.
  • About 3,900 of these jobs were filled by Dutch employees (28%), about 10,200 by foreign employees (72%).
  • 2/3 of the workforce has completed higher education: 67% (about 9,500 jobs). About 4,700 of the employees at the international organisations have not completed higher education (skilled and unskilled labour).
  • About 87% of the employees at the international organisations live in The Hague region.

Expat The Hague

  • International schools: American School of The Hague, British School in the Netherlands, Deutsche Internationale Schule Den Haag, International School of The Hague, Lighthouse Special Education, Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh, HSV The Hague International Department, Indonesian School in the Netherlands, Polish School in The Hague
  • Expat organisations: AATG, ACCESS, Accueil des Francophones de La Haye, Alliance Française de la Haye, Cecilia International Choir, Connecting Women, Decorative & Fine Arts Society, The English Theatre, Expat Events, The Hague International Network, The Hague International Spirit, The HaGuest Card, Hispanic Society of The Hague, International Art Club, InterNations, Outpost The Hague, Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan, Women’s Business Initiative International, The Hague International Centre (The Hague Finder and Welcome to The Hague programmes)
  • Expat resources: Anglo INFO, At Home in Holland, City in 1,, Global The Hague Magazine, Holland Handbook, The Hague Expat TV, The Holland Times, The Local Expat,, ‘West International’ on TV West, and Xpat Journal

1 The Hague region consists of The Hague, Rijswijk, Delft, Wassenaar, Zoetermeer, Westland, Midden-Delfland, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Pijnacker-Nootdorp and the agglomeration Leiden/Bollenstreek.

19 April 2010
09 May 2014

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