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Regional STI Centre of The Hague

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Published: 28 December 2010 Modified: 03 June 2013

The Regional STI Centre of The Hague offers tests and check-ups for STI free of charge. A referral by your GP (Huisarts) is not necessary. The centre complements the health care offered by local GPs. It focuses on people with a higher risk of STI .

Regionaal SOA Centrum Den Haag

STI (SOA) is an abbreviation for sexually transmitted infections. Some STI have serious consequences if they are not treated in time. Luckily most STI respond well to treatment. STI are contagious. You can have an STI without noticing it. And this means that you can pass on an STI without noticing it as well.

STI are passed on in sperm, blood and vaginal fluid and by contact between mucous membranes. There are mucous membranes in the rectum, penis, vagina and mouth. Most people acquire an STI from unprotected sex. Examples of STI are: HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), chlamydia, genital warts, genital herpes, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B and syphilis.

Regional STI Centre

The Regional STI Centre is a collaboration between the Public Health Department of The Hague (GGD), the Public Health Department of Zuid-Holland West and the Public Health Department of Hollands Midden.

Please visit the website of the Regional STI Centre of The Hague for more information (available in English).

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