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Health care for kids


Children's health care

Health care for children in the Netherlands is greatly supported by the state.

health care for kids



Doctors and dentists

Your GP should always be your starting point for medical matters.

GGD Den Haag


Public Health Department

The Hague’s Public Health Department (GGD Haaglanden) works to ensure the health of all residents of The Hague. The GGD is also where you go to get your travel vaccinations.

Medical facilities


Hospitals and clinics

Here is a listing of the major hospitals and outpatient clinics available to residents of The Hague.

hospitals and clinics

Social services


Social services

The Algemeen Maatschappelijk Werk, or Dutch Social Services, offers psychosocial help to people with problems they can't solve themselves.

Special help

Home care

Special health care assistance

In certain circumstances special needs can emerge requiring special care, home visits, parking permits or other needs.