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Antonius Abt Church

Published: 19 August 2009 Modified: 09 September 2011

In 1925 the old Antonious Abt Church, situated on the Scheveningseweg, was demolished to make room for a new and bigger church. The new church was designed by Jos en Pierre Cuypers.

Because of pressures from the protestant community, the exterior of this church was kept simplistic. Still, the architect was able to use the neo-expressionist style that was popular at that time to make the building unique.

The interior of the building is so exceptional, thanks to the design by Antoon Molkenboer and the creative spirit of the pastor H.J. Van der Ven, that it has officially been categorised as a national historic monument since 1992.

Opening hours

Visit the website for information on opening hours.

Address & contact

Antonius Abt Church
Scheveningseweg 235
2584 AA Scheveningen
Telephone: (070) 354 17 42

Antonius Abt Church

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