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Published: 03 September 2012 Modified: 04 February 2014

If you weren't able to find information on this website or if you have a question for the municipality, go to the Contact page.

Editorial team

The Municipality of The Hague works on and together with city partners such as The Hague Convention & Visitors Bureau (Den Haag Marketing) and Digitaal Leren. You can see which organisation is responsible for the information by the logo at the top of the page.

The central editorial team for the website is called the Content Management Organisatie (CMO). The various municipal departments and the municipality’s city partners are responsible for publishing and maintaining the information. If you have questions about the information, go to the Contact page.


The website of the Municipality of The Hague obtained the green Web Content Accessibility (Drempelvrij) stamp on 15 June 2011. As of 6 December 2012 the website also meets the checkpoints for Priority 3 for the stamp. On 27 January 2014 was retested and still meets the checkpoints for Priority 3. Some sections of the website still do not meet the checkpoints for accessibility. The Municipality of The Hague is working hard to improve or replace a number of internet applications.

A green logo awarded by the Stichting Waarmerk Drempelvrij indicates that the website fulfils a number of the checkpoints for accessibility. For example, a clear text equivalent is provided for all images, the website is accessible to people who browse without a mouse and tables can easily be read by people who are visually impaired. More information about web content accessibility can be found (in Dutch) on