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European Cybercrime Centre to The Hague

Published: 29 March 2012 Modified: 11 January 2013

A special European centre to deal with cybercrime will open in The Hague to protect citizens against illegal online activities. The new European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) will be established at Europol and will become the focal point in the European Union’s fight against cybercrime.

The centre, which will be operational by 1 January 2013, will pool expertise and information, support criminal investigations and promote EU-wide solutions, while raising awareness of cybercrime issues across the EU.

Plans to create a cybercrime centre had been around for some time. However, it was only when EU Member States began requesting such a centre did the European Commission announce in 2010 that it would be created.

The European Cybercrime Centre reinforces The Hague’s reputation as International City of Peace and Justice. In particular, this centre will be an important boost for The Hague Security Delta, the national security cluster in The Hague region.


According to the EU, cybercrime causes more damage to society than the worldwide trade in soft drugs, cocaine and heroin together. It is estimated that more than 1 million people a day fall victim to online fraud. The EU aims to make the cybercrime centre instrumental in fighting identity theft, child pornography and credit card and bank credential fraud.


The best experts in Europe will work at the cybercrime centre. It will fall under the auspices of the European law enforcement agency Europol. The centre will be located in Europol’s headquarters on Eisenhowerlaan.

For more information, read the official Europol press release.